Install and configure Master Data Services

Master Data Services

Master Data Management (MDM) defines a process of collecting enterprise data from various sources, applying standard rules and business processes, building a single view of the data, and finally distributing this ‘golden’ version of data to various systems in the enterprise, thereby making it accessible to all consumers.

Master Data Services is a Microsoft product for developing MDM solutions that is built on top of SQL Server database technology for back end processing. It provides service-oriented architecture endpoints using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). We can implement a hub architecture using MDS to create centralized and synchronized data sources to reduce data redundancies across systems.

Install & configure Master Data Services

1. Double-click SQL Setup.exe, and follow the steps in the installation wizard.

2. Select Master Data Services on the Feature Selection page under Shared Features

3. Configure IIS on windows server.

4. Open Master data services configuration manager

5. Create MDS database by specifying SQL Instance and windows administrative account

6. Move to Web configuration tab and set up application pool for IIS

7. Open MDS web portal by entering IIS server name and application pool