Query Store In SQL Server 2016

                 SQL Server Query Store is a relatively new feature introduced in SQL Server 2016.  This will helps you to  identifying performance problems in the SQL Server. Query Store basically captures and stores the history of query execution plans and its performance data.

Query store is a database level feature, which is disabled by default. To enable this follow below steps.
  • Run the below Query to Enable Query Store against database.
               ALTER DATABASE [DataBaseName]  
               SET QUERY_STORE = ON

  •  Run the below To Desable and clear Query Store 
               ALTER DATABASE [DatabaseName]  
               SET QUERY_STORE CLEAR;

  • The following script sets a new Max Size. 
              ALTER DATABASE [DatabaseName]
              SET QUERY_STORE (MAX_STORAGE_SIZE_MB = 1024)

  • To set different value for Data Flush Interval.
             ALTER DATABASE [DatabaseName]

  • To Set Statistical Collection Intervel.
             ALTER DATABASE [DataBaseName]
  • To Set Time based cleanup policy.
            ALTER DATABASE [DatabaseName]

  • To set size based auto cleanup.
           ALTER DATABASE [DatabaseName]

 Once you Enabled Query Store you can see Query Store Folder Under Database

     Open the Top Resource Consumed Query, You can see the SQL Server start itself to analyze Query performance with execution plan

Rename Table In SQL Server

How to Rename table In SQL Server 


       In SQL Server there no direct query to rename table. It can be possible using built in procedure in SQL server.

The following syntax help you to raname a table using procedure.

      EXEC sp_rename 'old_table_name', 'new_table_name' 

Rename table Using SSMS

     Another way to rename a table is Rght Click the table from  SQL Server Management Studio.